Friday, January 31, 2014

Here's How A 3D Printer Using Contour Crafting Can Build A Home In Twenty Four Hours...

They're predicting there'll be around nine billion people on Planet Earth by the end of the century.
That figure isn't likely to include you and me but there's going to be some fairly radical new building techniques developed by then to accommodate everyone.
Unless of course global warming and social unrest have done their thing and caused some major natural attrition.
But being positive there's a need for some sustainable approaches to home building.
Have a look at what's around the corner.
Presuming you can find a piece of land to build on, here's one way a house will be built.
The building site is prepared and a six metre tall crane like gantry is installed on rails on either side of the proposed house. The machine rolls backwards and forwards and using a method called contour crafting, a method of building by layering, extruding fast drying cement and within twenty four hours, there's a house.
All ready for the electricians, plumbers, painters and decorators to move in.
Then it's your turn...


  1. Sounds like a plan to me, but the carpenter's union may disagree.

  2. Boxes on top of boxes.No soul.Built by robots for robots.Thats only thing alive then.

  3. Seems what is needed more is a 3D printer program for an effective contraceptive.

  4. Great idea. Especially for low-cost-housing purposes. I do not see big problems with architecture... only relatively low span width is a sort of challenge.