Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Inspirational Couple Janette 64 And Alan Murray 68 Have Just Completed Running A 42 Km Marathon Every Day For A Year Around Australia...

A New Zealand couple now based in Australia, Cancer survivor Janette aged 64 and Alan Murray aged 68 are well known and highly respected endurance athletes, motivational speakers, adventurers and experts on living a healthy lifestyle.
They've recently completed running a marathon, that's 42 km a day around Australia over 365 days and then on the 366th day, they ran another one to claim the world record for the most consecutive marathons ever run.
And they did it while adhering to a  a Vegan diet of raw food including several bananas a day.
Married for over forty three years, their goals are to inspire others to make conscious lifestyle choices, to promote compassion for all living beings and to raise environmental issues.
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  1. Inspirational couple indeed.....what an advert for bananas.....and veganism ....smal point a marathon is 42 kllms not miles

  2. Truly an inspirational couple. Most people live their lives going with the flow but they live deliberately and teach by example and not just empty talk.

  3. Vegan or raw beats cancer.Md Anderson houston teachs nothing about Vegan diets.May be because the pump dangerous chemicals into body that cause cancer.
    Love these beautiful people that teach the right eating that keeps us healthy. Our heaven on Earth.

  4. So, just curious. Did they mention the planet they sprung from?

  5. They sure look great