Monday, January 27, 2014

Three Months On The Road In Their Tiny Home On Wheels And Loving It...

I caught up with Nina and Mike the other day. They're full of enthusiasm for the new lifestyle they've been dreaming about since meeting, marrying and living in Nina's home country of Germany for a number of years.
Now they're in Mike's New Zealand and already have been on the road in their little bohemian housetruck for three months.
They're learning all about simplifying.
They're loving the lifestyle and living the dream...


  1. Unique windows. That is a nice house/truck.

  2. Nice web site keth, thanks for putting us in there.

  3. Very nice to see my daughter and son in law! Thank you, Keith for sharing the pictures with us.
    Bb from Germany

  4. Do they have a website? where can we see more pictures of their truck

  5. Lovely couple. Love the stained glass/leaded windows.