Thursday, January 23, 2014

Eighty Five Of The Richest People In The World Have More Money Than The World's Poorest 3.5 Billion People...

The eighty five people who have more wealth than half the world's poorest may or may not be happy. Who knows.
Perhaps they spend most of their time and energy making sure they don't lose their vast fortunes. Who cares.
We do know that many of these wealthy individuals give away much of their money to humanitarian causes. That's wonderful. 
There's always been The Haves, The Have Nots and The Have Lots but the gap between the Have Nots and The Have Lots has widened by alarming proportions.
The tiny elite of the world's multi-billionaires could all fit on a double-decker bus but that's something you'd be unlikely to see.
The most monied at the moment is the Mexican Carlos Slim Helu whose wealth is 73 billion, then there's Bill Gates and the rest of them.
And now Credit Suisse estimates the world will have eleven trillionaires within the next two generations.
But the young throughout the world feel they have no future.
Oxfam is trying to win the war against poverty but realise they are fighting a losing battle unless they can tackle the elephant in the room called inequality.
Oxfam considers that this huge gap between the one percent of people who have half of the world's wealth, around 110 trillion, is enough to trigger enormous repercussions such as massive social unrest.
They consider this to be a wake up call for even the deepest sleepers.
They know that people are becoming increasingly separated by economic and political power which inevitably heightens social tension and increases the likelihood of a societal breakdown. Who knows what will happen then.
We should be served by wealth.
Not controlled by it...


  1. The satisfaction I get whenever information like this comes my way is that there are two absolute truths that have lots and have nots share absolutely 1. they all came into this life the same way...and 2. whether you have more money than a bull can shit or not death is the final destination for all....and history is strewn with evidence that true happiness has no price tag!.

  2. Dang, I don't see my name in that top ten. . . OH yes, I guess I have to look at the lowest ten. . .

  3. The elumanite rule the world.They start wars.They feed us GMO.They vaccinate our children with poison. They GEO engineering (Chem Trails) our heavens.
    They are the dark side brother.

  4. Luckily, a person's bank account is not the gauge by which happiness is measured.

  5. Someone's household budget is a little tight this month, eh?

  6. The more things change, the more they remain the same.