Sunday, January 5, 2014

Signs Of The Times By Photographer Andres Serrano...

Andres Serrano is a New York born artist and photographer, well known for his provocative and often controversial works that combine beauty and vulgarity.
In October 2013, after becoming very aware of the large number of people begging on the streets of his New York, Andres conceived of a project to collect some of the signs of the homeless and rejected and use the signs to effect some changes.
He purchased around two hundred of the signs usually for around $20 each and his benevolence became a hot topic of gossip on the streets with the needy unable to believe their luck when Andres found them and offered to buy their signs.
This is another wonderful story of humanity on the streets and there's more about it here...

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  1. A great way to bring more awareness to the street people. I know nothing about it but I do ask myself are the people on the street through choice or necessity?

  2. You would think some one with the ingenuity to write those signs could get a job . . . . if they wanted to!!

    1. Sometimes DD, even with the best will in the world, a job is simply impossible to get...

  3. Not easy to get a job if you're dirty and a bit smelly, which is pretty inevitable when you live on the streets. Those signs hit home I think.

  4. I love the way they say something about nothing.

  5. There are over 4 million unemployed people in the U.S. most of whom would love to work an who live with difficulty in homes with heating and at least sufficient food for survival. For those readers who question whether the homeless people choose to live in such circumstances, try to imagine what it is like to be outside of society, hungry, cold and without either moral or physical comfort...... looking for a job!

  6. This is not the Sixties, when you could cross the street and get another job. This is the long term impact of trickle-down theory and globalism. Quite lot of people have trickled down, to be followed by many more.

  7. Plus, add in many returned soldiers who have mental health issues that are NOT being addressed in a timely, if in any, way. There are many reasons people live in the streets that most who have never come close can't fathom.