Friday, January 10, 2014

Charming Rustic Beautifulness From Cabin Porn...

Yes I know beautifulness is not a word
or hasn't been, until now.
The word, like these simple, charming rustic dwellings is unique and deserves the opportunity to be seen.
I just had my first visit for the year over to Cabin Porn and as usual came away smiling...

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  1. Home is where your heart is. Mine is here and there.Put me in.Love them all.A place to dwell in a dwelling.

  2. Sorry: I don't see anything charming in dilapidated, neglected, rotting shacks. Can't imagine anyone traveling to see them.

  3. I love Cabin Porn, and these are great choices out of so many. To Anonymous, sad that you can only see negative in these instead of history and stories and ingenuity. But that's why god made Club Med's.

  4. Perhaps my neg outlook is from growing up in these kinds of share cropper shacks. If they are "loved", why not make an effort to keep them standing---& rubbish free? That would be lovely & worth a trip.