Sunday, January 12, 2014

Bigger Is Not Always Better And Faster Is Not Always Quicker...

I'm a Progressive Luddite and I love technology.
Until it goes wrong...


  1. I thought that a Luddite was one who smashed up machines. Is the Flying Tortoise in jeopardy??

    1. The Luddites did destroy a lot of machinery, including printing presses. They had the notion that progress would put them out of their jobs.
      How right they were.
      It's possible but not probable that my laptop will be consigned to the scrapheap.
      It's very frustrating that google are taking so long to fix this image uploading problem.
      They've known about it for days...

  2. Well, Keith, you know the old saying, sleep with dogs and you'll get up with fleas.

    Accept Boogle as a blog host and get bitten by the nits when they decide to slack off on the tech support...

    Really, though, are images all that important for a day or two? Don't you know any good stories?

    Here's one, and it's true:

    Some years back one of the prominent families in the city where I was living came home to find their big dog mauling something on the front porch.Upon inspection, they discovered to their horror that it was the next-door neighbor's pet white rabbit. "Crap, the neighbor's rabbit got out of it's cage and the dog killed it" they reasoned. The neighbors were away at the time, so they decided that the best course of action was to clean the poor, bedraggled thing up, as it was covered with mud and dog drool, although it didn't have a mark on it from the mauling.

    They shampooed it in the bathroom sink, then dried it off with a towel and even blow-dried it with a hair dryer.

    Afterwards, they placed it back in it's cage, figuring that they'd explain it all when the neighbor returned.

    Some time later, they heard the neighbor in the back yard wailing at the top of her lungs. The good Samaritans went over to calm the recently bereaved rabbit owner. "It's OK, we understand you're upset, it was an accident, we're sorry", etc.

    "You don't understand" the rabbit's owner screamed, "Our rabbit died last night and we buried it, AND NOW IT"S BACK IN IT"S CAGE!!!!!!"

    Another endearing canine trait is digging things up and bringing them home. See why I like them so much?

    1. Haha Mr Barkingmad, I love it!
      And you're right, thankyou, a few days without images is just a few days without images.
      I'm sure TFT's discerning and imaginative readers will continue living happy and fulfilled lives without too much deprivation for a few days longer...

  3. Love the Flying Tortoise, I'm here every day. Now I find that you expect me to be discerning and imaginative?
    Come on now. Whats next? Do we have to wear underwear too?

  4. I've always wondered what it must be like to suddenly be blind (or deaf for that matter.) I guess this is the cyber version of that. The visuals have been taken away and now we have to tune our senses to the "sounds" (the written words).

  5. Great story of dogoodersgonewrong! I don't know what you are using with blogger - I'm not having a problem but I'm real low techy with it. Can you get out of the complex one for awhile? I will still be a devotee, but I know images matter!

  6. A good story creates a great picture in the mind.