Wednesday, January 1, 2014

We've Just Given Birth To A Brand New Year...

Happy New Year!
Congratulations to us!
Let's celebrate! And when we have, let's all take a moment to look at our collective role
as proud new parents.
Are we going to nourish and care for this year as it wends it's way through its twelve month life cycle or are we going to shirk our responsibilities yet again. Are we going to let this year see more wars and injustices, loss of lives and shattered human dignity. Are we going to allow the innocents to suffer as we have done in the past. Are we going to go on our way selfishly not caring about our fellow human beings while we crave for more of this and more of that or are we going to share the milk of human kindness and give of ourselves to others less fortunate...
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  1. We are going to be REALLY REALLY good! I am anyway and you'd better too!

  2. Get a grip, Man! That kind of crazy-talk will get you institutionalized!!!

    1. Dear Mr Scarey or should it be Mr Scarily, you might be right...

  3. Interesting thoughts Keith. I think we have an individual role and responsibility towards others and this planet we live on. Gathered up this makes a collective responsibility. Yes there will be more wars and injustices and more innocents will suffer. Individually we appear powerless against the dictators and worse who perpetrate these atrocities but collectively we can make a difference (as seen by some of the protest groups over the last year). Most of the time I have enough... Of everything. sometimes I have more... Like when I netted a lot of flounder recently. I had great pleasure in sharing and giving it away... Some to a family who needed to feed their grandchildren, some to a couple from Europe who had never eaten fresh fish straight from the sea. So enough or more! Depends on what you do with it.