Saturday, January 18, 2014

Kim And Dana's Immaculate 1978 Bedford Housetruck Is A Wonderful Blend Of Tradition and Modern...

New Zealand is renowned for its beautiful housetrucks with overseas visitors being among the many who delight in seeing the traditional bohemian styled Gypsy housetrucks and housebuses still gracing the country's roads and Freedom Camping areas.
Kim and Dana's 1978 J5 Bedford is a hybrid made up of a 1952 Bedford body with the running gear from a 1978 model. Kim's had plenty of experience over the years and with his brother Rhys has built over thirty of New Zealand's most beautiful traditionally styled homes on wheels.
This stunning example of their work which took two years to create, features a 100hp diesel motor, steel framing, aluminium windows and doors, polystyrene insulation, 200 litre stainless steel fresh water and grey water tanks, one hundred and sixty square feet of living space, a chemical toilet, shower, solar panels feeding a 12 volt system and gas for water heating and cooking.
It was at Clifton Road Reserve the other day.
A delight to the senses... 

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  1. That is a castle on wheels!! Sure is beautiful.

  2. Love it. Long live freedom camping.

  3. You have to like it, whether it is your own kind of van or not. simply superb, extremely well finished.

  4. So staunchly magical! What a great tradition being upheld in New Zealand and what an example for the rest of us!

  5. Oh, sad, I must have just left and missed it. Pip