Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Sophie Gamand Shows Us What The Fashion Conscious Dog Is Wearing These Days...

Fashion has gone to the dogs. In a big way.
Dog fashion in many parts of the world is a damn serious business. There's plenty of dog owners in New York happy to spend squillions of dollars keeping their Chihuahua's groomed and outfitted in some sort of sartorial canine elegance designed by pet couturier Anthony Rubio.
Photographer Sophie Gamand dressed a few of these canine fashionista with names like Bogie, Kimba, Diva, Amazing Grace, Angel Song, Cosmo, Chester and Chai Latte in Mr Rubio's haute couture and created a series of dog portraits called Dog Vogue.
There's more about it here.
It's a strange society we live in isn't it.
There are folk wandering around in rags and cast offs, moneyless, jobless and homeless, while on the same street there are dogs ambulating with their owners,
dressed to the nines...

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  1. How ridiculous... Not much good for letting a dog be a dog and go chasing rabbits... But I suppose there aren't any in New York.

  2. I feel sorry for those pups. They look and probably feel ridiculous.

  3. Most prophetic graffiti I've ever read:

    "Dogs are the epitome of all that is wrong with mankind"

    That was 1975, and I have yet to find a better description.

    1. I have yet to be aware of you barking up the wrong tree...

    2. Poor babies! Somebody call the Humane Society or PETA to rescue these dogs. This is animal abuse & cruelty.

  4. I think it has always been like this, massive idiocy when there is too much money to spend while others starve. We just didn't have the internet to show it so blatantly.

  5. My sister enjoyed these ridiculous images.

    It looks to me as though many of these animals actually enjoy being primped and fussed over. But Mr. Barkley is of course correct. Island Woman too.

  6. Dog is God spelled backwards, just sayin.