Thursday, January 2, 2014

Simple Inexpensive Healthy Food From The Flying Tortoise Galley...

I've had access to some lovely, hours old, big and beautiful free-range eggs recently and what with my herb garden doing wonderfully well it's been so easy to create some simple and delicious breakfasts or lunches.
Just take a couple or more eggs, well you know how to boil an egg, I do it for no more than five minutes as I like the yolk soft, then peel off the shell, place it on your choice of toast. What you see here is New Zealand's famous Vogel's Original Mixed Grain bread with a few liberal splashes of a very good extra virgin.
Add some rocket, basil, chives or your favourite herb then some pink Himalayan salt mixed with kelp a good helping of ground black pepper.
Bon Appetit...

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  1. Pretty, simple and yummy -what's not to like?

  2. Some good suggestions for jump-starting healthy eating in the new year. Those delicious but overly heavy holiday foods that everyone eats until they pass out sure takes a toll on the body.

  3. Happy new year Keith. I`m a big fan of free range eggs and yours look gorgeous. Check out the following link. It is a Russian lad showing his way of peeling an egg. Very entertaining, and it does work.