Saturday, February 1, 2014

This Tiny Pod Shaped Home Is Designed For The Young Footloose And Fancy Free Nomad Of The 21st Century...

The students at Vermont's Green Mountain College enjoy being involved in environmental sustainability programs during their four year liberal arts degree.
They've been re-defining The American Dream and have as part of Professor Lucas Brown's class, designed a tiny 'living system' home with a very small environmental footprint. The 70sq foot pod shaped home includes a sleeping area, a rainwater collection system, a wood burning stove, a composting toilet and a 120watt solar powered electrical system.
If there's any place left for them to freely roam, these young nomads will have a lot of fun in tiny homes on wheels like this...


  1. That looks great! And it's shaped like a boat overturned. I wonder how the water catchment system works? I'd like to learn every detail.

  2. A great little home, thanks for posting. I would love to set this down somewhere out in the forest to live in.

  3. I'm repeatedly mystified to see crapping into a plastic bucket defined as "a composting toilet". In many of these small spaces, the existence of an open bucket of dung must make the interior have a very ...distinctive... aroma.

    Also, if they expect to generate any useable power with that photovoltaic module, they'd better get it off the vertical wall and onto a sunny mount somewhere.

    1. Dear Mr Potty and or Mr Fied.
      I'm sure those who are doing the crapping will cover their doings with soil or wood shavings allowing the stinky poo stuff to compost. And too Mr Fied, there is a lid on the loo so you won't be bothered by the nasty smell...
      And dear Mr Fied, I've sent them an email pointing out the error of their ways regarding the vertical panel...

  4. Isn't it wonderful that there are men who think of the practical aspects of a building like water catchment systems, composting toilets and photovoltaic modules (?) on vertical walls or sunny mounts. I will not make an umbrella statement regarding women in general but many of us are enchanted by the art of such tiny but beautiful and unusual dwellings that makes the heart smile.

  5. Love those young thinkers. Probability need a all in one pot.Not much space to store stuff.I would to own that problem.