Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A Beautiful Bedford Housetruck Named Agnes...

This beautiful Bedford housetruck seen
on The Tiny Life recently is very similar to the wonderful Rima Staine's gorgeous Horsebox housetruck that appears in Lloyd Kahn's fabulous Tiny Homes book.
Agnes, located somewhere in Cornwall has a marvelous drop down side door that can be used as a deck off the living area as well as some other delightfully designed features.
So why are you still living in a house...

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  1. I love this one. I would really, really like to live this way. I wonder what it costs to build one of these?

    Actually my dream is to get (or build) a boat that is ocean-worthy and live on it. Then I could sail anywhere that has an ocean handy. I could even sail to New Zealand. I'll bring my art studio.

    1. One day, the dreaming it has to give way to the doing it! Don't wait too long. Life is short.

  2. Lovely.

    You know, all these posts of yours has sent me down the rabbit hole of Bedford history.

    It was a fun trip.

  3. This is wonderfully simple. I imagine the inside of our boat to have that sort of simplicity (can't seem to be able to think about anything else at the moment!) We won't live much longer in a house...

  4. love it. roomy for the size to.

  5. Just beautiful,who wouldn't want to live this way!!

  6. Now that's a nice place to live