Friday, September 27, 2013

The Simple, Ingenious, Portable Rubbee Turns Any Old Bike Into An Electric Bicycle In Seconds...

The very clever and seemingly well designed Rubbee is a portable device that can turn any old bike into an ebike in just a minute. Or less.
The Rubbee's polyurethane roller simply engages the rear tyre making a motor only speed of twenty five kph possible.
Created in Kaunas in Lithuania, the stylish Rubbee is very easy to install, just mount it on the seat pedestal, attach the throttle
and you're good to go.
The efficient friction driven Rubbee is a great idea even if it's a bit expensive at around 799 British pounds and 1227 US dollars but it might be worth checking out.
There's more to know here, here and here.
It must be good I guess,
Sir Richard Branson's backing it...

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  1. . . . and now I've bookmarked their web page.


  2. I think it would be great mounted on a wheel chair...

    1. Errr... Wouldn't it just make you go in circles?

    2. Well his name is "dizzy-dick." :D

  3. Brilliant. I wonder if it can be recharged off of renewable power sources, like a wind turbine or a solar array?