Thursday, September 19, 2013

This Is One Of The World's Most Expensive And Ugliest Motorhomes...

I thought this monstrosity was the most badly designed piece of rubbish on the road when I featured it here in 2011 and the damned thing has reared it's ugly head again.
Now this, this abortion that's been described by some as a palace on wheels has gone on sale in Dubai for around two million pounds.
Or nearly four million dollars.
Some things get better looking with age but this forty foot long space age piece of ostentatious, tasteless kitsch on wheels by eleMMent
is not one of them.
Even with or perhaps because of its features here, its huge master bedroom, its pop-up cocktail bar and roof top terrace, the Palazzo remains one of the great road hazards to try and avoid. At all costs.
Give me a good old Beddy anytime...

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