Tuesday, September 24, 2013

It Pays To Advertise. Darling Robert's Looking For A Wife...

The poor darling.
For the past twelve years, darling Robert, woops I mean Robert Darling, now a fifty eight year old unemployed dreamer from New Jersey has been commuting to Manhatten's Upper East Side, twice a week, looking for a wife.
Not that he lost one there you understand.
The darling man has never had one. For some reason he's never had much luck with ladies.
He's never had a serious relationship and probably not a funny one either.
There's more about the creatively audacious darling Robert here.
Ladies, don't bother trying to call him.
The phone company disconnected the number because he hadn't paid his bill.
If you can dream it...
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  1. That guy better be careful of what he wishes (or advertises) for.

  2. Top marks for persistence, but I fancy truth in advertising may be his downfall.

  3. Who knows how much the last name of Darling might mean to some wealthy woman who's looking for...ok, never mind.