Monday, September 2, 2013

Portugal's Little Village Of Monsanto Where People Live Between A Rock And A Hard Place...

No no no, we're not talking about the controversial multinational agricultural biotech corporation who wants to change the world using genetically modified plants. No no no.
We're talking here about the gorgeous little village way off the tourist maps but is worth the effort to visit, that in 1938 was referred to as The Most Portuguese Village In Portugal.
The little village featuring tiny streets carved out of rock and that are just wide enough for a donkey to make its way along them.
The lovely little historical village that due to building restrictions mean that Monsanto's appearance hasn't changed in centuries and has managed to maintain it's original charm.
There's nothing charming or appealing about the other Monsanto...

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  1. What a colourful and beautiful place - wonder what the internet connection's like?

  2. Wow, that place really "rocks"...

  3. Nice to know there's a good Monsanto.


  4. It's a rocky and hard place alright. Obviously it's not earthquake territory - like New Zealand!