Tuesday, September 3, 2013

In New Zealand Some Families Are Given $100 To Grow Their Own Vegetable Gardens...

Some families in New Zealand are being given a hundy to grow their own vegetable gardens.
Hand Over A Hundy is a wonderfully simple and creative initiative conceived originally by Jade Temepara in 2010.
This is how Hand Over A Hundy works.
It's a one year challenge to young families to learn to grow their own vegetable.
Learning to produce their own produce.
They're sponsored with a Hundy ($100) to buy all the essentials for these gardens.
They're also offered the option of a mentor to help with the project.
The challenge is for them to recoup their money through savings or selling extra produce from their garden.
Then and this is so great, then they hand over a Hundy to a new family at the end of the year.
To equip more families with knowledge to pass on to the next generation.
This is such a win win situation.
Jade Temepara is an inspiring young woman who should be very proud of her idea that will keep on growing.
You can see her here as she appeared on TED recently...

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