Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A Very Different Approach To Bridge Building In Norway...

Unlike the folk in Thailand who built their simple beautiful bamboo bridge in only a few days, the people of the little coastal town of Sand in Norway opted for a stunning looking corten steel with stainless steel and stretch-metal pedestrian bridge to ford a little fast-running local river.
The Hose Pedestrian Bridge comes complete with a pavilion for just  having a picnic and enjoying the views.
This is their only access to wonderful hiking and running trails in the woodland by the town which is enjoyed by the eleven hundred locals and the many visitors who come to the area. 
The residents of Sand had access to Rintala Eggertsson Architects and a bit more money to spend than our Thai Villagers with their Needs Must Bridge but both do the job intended and both are indeed, beautiful...

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  1. Great bridges.

    Little town near me needed to repair or replace a bridge over a small river. The state was going to take forever to get the job done. Town decided to hire a local steel fabricator who never worked on bridges before. They loaded the whole bridge on a giant flatbed truck. Then they drove it down to their shop where they rebuilt it. Back on the truck and reinstalled. The town spent less than they would had the state put in a bridge. It was done quickly too.

  2. Why not put a little more color into this world.

    1. Hopefully, their local graffiti artists will supply some colloquial renderings and brighten up the scene...

  3. To speak truth, I'd rather trust my weight to this bridge than to the Thai one featured before. The latter looks like it's based on a traditional design that's been shown to work before, and the use of bamboo is really interesting and attractive. But in Norway they're reputed to be very fussy about engineering standards, and, well, it's a long way down.