Saturday, September 21, 2013

Bolivia Takes McDonalds Off The Country's Menu...

It's said that the thirty something thousand McDonald restaurants around the world serve up to three hundred million people a day.
And the average McD serves eight people every minute they're open.
There are many obscene facts and overweight figures and fallacies about the company but let's get back to Bolivia where, as in many other countries, good food is prepared with loving care, attention to health and proper cooking times.
Bolivians relish a food philosophy that includes fresh ingredients and patience.
And the Latin American country has been saying no to McD for years. Finally the fast food giant has had to acknowledge a bottom line that was redder than a very rare steak and taken their junk food elsewhere.
Bolivia unlike many countries who have lost themselves in the fast and convenient world of packaged food-like products, just wasn't prepared to accept the McD culture.
The Bolivian rejection of McDonalds and the country's philosophy that fast food is a very poor substitute for the real thing is a great example for the rest of the world to follow.
But of course they won't...

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  1. I don't frequent fast food places any more except to stop by Jack-in-the-Box once in awhile to get some deep fried stuffed jalopenos. Love them.

  2. McDonald is a junk food I haven't eaten for a very long time.
    Well done Bolivia for finally getting rid of them.

  3. Bully for Bolivia!


  4. I stopped eating fast food of any kind a few years ago. My youngest son is living with me now and I've eaten macdonalds , hungry jacks and red rooster. I feel sick afterwards and don't know how people can like this food.