Saturday, September 14, 2013

John's Gorgeous Rustic Tiny Truck Camper Featured On Tiny House Swoon...

Steven over at Tiny House Swoon often has some visual delights to, well, that you want to swoon over.
This gorgeous rustic tiny bed camper caught my eye. It appears to only really have space for a bed and who knows, perhaps some cooking facility too. It's simplicity of design and purpose appealed to me.
John built it for him and his girlfriend to go traveling with last winter.
They appear to have their priorities sorted.
I bet they had fun...

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  1. I bet they had fun too. I love the "no parking" sign in the background. Us free campers have to be careful while bending the law.

    1. I love the No Parking sign too, and what a silly place to put one. Authorities really do by their own stupidity, invite people to ridicule them...

  2. I'd like to built a slightly more rounded 'gypsy wagon' looking version of this on our old '68 Ford Ranchero...

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