Sunday, September 29, 2013

New Zealand's Flying Motorcycle Is All Set To Take To The World's Skies...

There's good news for New Zealand's Christchurch based Martin Aircraft Company and their Jetpack that was voted one of Time Magazine's Top Fifty Inventions a couple of years ago.
Their P12 Jetpack labelled a 'Motorcycle In The Sky' will be on the market next year with buyers from around the world already queing up to have one. Or two, at around $150,000 each.
Ideal for a fast commute to the office avoiding the traffic gridlock and parking hassles, this personal single person jet whatever will be invaluable in first response situations, fire services and search and rescue missions.
And for the military. As if they haven't got enough weapons of war.
It will fly at an altitude of around 7,000 feet or 1.5k with a cruising speed of around 56kph and a top speed of 74kph for approximately thirty minutes. You'd want to get your timing right.
This great little idea that's about to take off has been classified as a microlight so you'll need a pilot's licence.
There's more to know here and here...

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  1. Where do you carry the spare gas can?

  2. They have a lot more range than the old James Bond style jetpack.

    However, my first thought was: what an interesting way to die.

  3. Now if they'd just get the transporter done!