Sunday, September 22, 2013

A Very Clever, Very Swedish, Very Tiny, Very Wooden, Very Accommodating Home For One Or Two Very Close Friends...

Designed by Swedish Architects Tengbom as a 'Smart Student Unit' this tiny one hundred square foot living space is crafted using cross laminated timber, super strong panels made from sustainably harvested wood.
There's some very clever design features here. Check out the window plug that becomes a table, the sink cut out of the kitchen bench, the unusual doors and windows, the  shaped shelves and the smart stairs. Using a hammock in a small space is a great idea too.
The Smart Student Unit is currently on display at Sweden's Virserum Museum until December and next year a number of the units will be available for students to rent.
There's a lot to like here and more to know here.
It's a very cute unit. I love warm wonderful wood and that roof is really inviting some solar panels to be fitted...

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  1. This looks good to me. The way the window shutter folds down to become a table is particularly clever. I trust the walls have high insulation value, given the Swedish climate. But how long will a wooden sink hold up? Might be hard to keep clean.