Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Very Strange Tiny Truffle House Is A Home In A Stone...

This is a wonderfully simple concept.
And a great story about how the Spanish Architects Ensamble Studio built a house using hay bales and concrete and a calf called Pauline.
This little house, now above ground, started life a bit like a Hobbit House.
First they created a hole in the ground, then they basically built a shape made from hay bales surrounded by a concrete mass. They left the whole thing to weather for awhile then after removing the surrounding soil, they cut off the end facing the wonderful view of the ocean and invited Pauline the calf to come for dinner. And breakfast. And lunch and dinner breakfast and lunch again until a year later, she'd eaten out the inside of the tiny house and left home a healthy six hundred and sixty pound cow.
There's a video here and there are more great images of the build process and the finished Truffle here...
If there is such a thing as a finished Truffle...

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  1. That's lovely. Thanks for not depressing me today, like the past two days. :-)

  2. Wonderful view of the ocean but the insides of that structure look very cold indeed. More like a dungeon than a beach house, but it is quite unique.

  3. Must have used hay bales, not straw...since straw would not have much in the way of nutrition for that lovely calf.

    That would be a lovely beach getaway.

  4. Very committed they are. I like it. But I also think it would be cold .

  5. Hmmm clever I must say - relatively inexpensive too, definitely uncomfortable I would think and certainly would not help my asthma at all.