Wednesday, July 31, 2013

This Is What The Next World's Tallest Building Will Look Like...

This is the next world's tallest building.
It's the Broad Sustainable Building in yes of course, China who is committed to leading the world in everything.
It's called Sky City because that's what the insane 838 metre high building will be.
A city complete with thirty thousand Chinese citizens, four thousand families who will no doubt be coerced into living there on its two hundred and twenty floors that will contain, apart from residences, offices, schools, shopping complexes, a hospital, gardens and recreational facilities. All in one grossly ugly and expensive building that boasts eleven million square feet and will cost one and a half billion dollars.
It's due to be completed in April next year and they've just started digging the foundations.
The newest tallest building in the world, being built in Chansha, the capital of Hunan Province will be ten metres taller than the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. Just imagine the Emirates' spending all those dollars to find they're ten metres short of a mammoth.
Whether the residents of this city in the sky can sleep soundly in their beds at night might depend if they care about a large earthquake or the fact that China's best firefighting equipment and technology can do nothing for anyone above the seventieth floor.
But it's just what China needs.

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  1. Overly-tall buildings remind me of the Tower of Babel.

  2. No thank you. Imagine having to take the stairs.

    Just because it can be built tall, doesn't mean it should be.

  3. I guess they need to be the best in as many things as possible. Their population is growing so they may have to build up instead of out to save farmable land.

  4. The whole look of it and the entire idea of it is repulsive to me.

  5. No one ever accused the modern Chinese of having an over-abundance of aesthetics or common sense. They may have been farmers for 40 centuries, but mostly now it seems that they like to masturbate using technology...

  6. Horrendous. Yet another example of rulers' hubris. I pity the people who will be forced to live there, the chinese have already forced people off their land to live in cities and will have no qualms doing the same here. We just have to remember the Twin Towers in NY to see the misery these building can cause. Nice concentration camp too. Just put a couple of tanks at the gates with a couple of brain washed soldiers and you control 30000 people.

  7. It looks like a space ship to me ,once full of people it may be seen leaving our earth to who knows where

  8. I wonder how long before people start jumping off.


  9. Let's see, built in a little less than a year, what could go wrong? We know how well their factories do.