Saturday, July 20, 2013

This Wonderful Old Gypsy Styled Lady Of The Road Is A Visual Delight...

This 1929 Chevrolet Gypsy styled little home on wheels is one beautiful old lady of the road.
She will've done more miles than you and I've had hot dinners and think of the stories she'd have heard around the fire at night.
And the dreams that she's seen dreamed and witnessed come to fruition.
Yes, she's been here once before but I've just found another couple of images of this grand old bohemian dame and wanted to share them.
The pity is they don't make them like her anymore...

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  1. It's a piece of rolling art. The stuff dreams are made of.

  2. Love it! Only problem is that now I gotta rethink the Toyota pickup conversion I've been planning AGAIN... ;-)