Friday, July 12, 2013

Quirky House In Japan Made Entirely From Trash And Recycled Materials...

It was in 2007 and Christoph Rupprecht,
a translator and photographer as well as a doctoral researcher at Australia's Griffith University, was in Japan and found this extraordinary and wonderfully quirky house.
It had been built to feature in a Japanese television series and the main character was a man dedicated to the idea of never throwing anything away. It might be useful some day.
So this creative house was built entirely out of discarded trash and recycled materials.
One man's trash they say
is often another man's house...

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  1. I should haul a camera though the woods around here and photograph old hunting camps before they are a thing of the past.

    They are built on the cheap from plenty of found materials. Kinda cool.

  2. Espevially like the use of car windows. The window over the benches looks like it may have been a large truck windshield.
    This is nicely done. Doesn't look at all trashy.

  3. In the third picture from the top, there's a bus front to the far left of the pic., Real nice job, of piecing together a masterpiece.

  4. I'd love to see the interior of this..