Monday, July 29, 2013

The Exbury Egg. A Self Sustaining, Cholestrol Free Floating Home And Workspace...

Artist Stephen Turner's Exbury Egg is an art and architecture project designed to address the impact on a Beaulieu River estuary in the UK at a time of evidently, great environmental change.
The egg is a collaboration between the UK based PAD Studio and The SPUD Group and was built locally using proven boatbuilding methods.
Stephen will be living and working in the egg over the next twelve months.
He's assuming the role of guardian, to examine the implications for people, wildlife and flora and provide a voice for nature, to speak for the tides and the terns of a landscape in a state of flux.
You can follow Stephen's Egg project here and see how it fares as it faces its three hundred and sixty five days in the elements and floats through its seven hundred and thirty tides as they as we know, wait for no one...

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  1. Built by SPUD? How come it doesn't look like a potato?

    What a delightful looking domicile. Love the interior. What's under the floor - stores and ballast?


  2. That looks amazingly cool.

    Wait until it hatches.

  3. Good design for rough seas. It could roll over and over and over and not hurt anything except you rolling over inside.

  4. I get a little seasick just looking at it.
    Maybe the inside is a gimbal.

  5. Man, that hit my "covet" button HARD!

  6. What a marvellous and interesting project... And what a beautifully built egg.