Thursday, August 1, 2013

Smiling. It's The Second Best Thing You Can Do With Your Lips...

This is a seriously funny send up.
My mother used to say, if you can't laugh at yourself, make fun of someone else.
But smiling is the second best thing we can do with our lips...

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  1. What is first? Kissing, sipping hot coffee or tea, whistling, etc are just a few I can think of.

  2. Did your mother really say that, Keith?
    And would you please answer Dizzy and all the rest of us waiting to find out.

    1. My mother said a number of things and as I recall, rightly or wrongly, that was one of them. And having done extensive research on the matter, I found that Dizzy's and Wanda's presumptions to be true. Of course Liz, you may have more up to date information...

    2. Well, yes I do as matter of fact. They were designed specifically in ancient times by the cosmetic industry for displaying primitive lipsticks and their being on men is just a genetic error. Smiling too. It affords little to the GNP and is otherwise valueless. :-)