Friday, July 19, 2013

A Simply Gorgeous Floating Boathouse On The Tiny Island Of Culebra...

A man and his floating shed.
Is it a boathouse or a houseboat.
I don't know and it matters not.
It's gorgeous and you'll want to live in it.
You might like the tiny island of Culebra too.
I was visiting my friend MJ, she's an entrepreneur on the island which I know you know, is situated between Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.
Evidently what happens on Culebra doesn't always stay on Culebra.
If you listen closely, you'll hear surf on the sand. Or roosters crowing. There's salty air and wonderful gardens. Freshly baked bread in the background. Beauty and beasties.
You've got the idea, a real life paradox.
Have a look but don't tell anyone...
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  1. What a fantastic place... Lots of fun to be had there!

  2. wow keith you could have your fishing line out all the time

  3. Well, this was a surprise to read today! Honored to have Culebra on your blog, thanks!

  4. I fell in love with Culebra, were supposed to be there only one day and two in Vieques, but stayed there two. My current favorite beach ever is Flamenco Beach.

    Wrote a post here if anyone's interested.