Friday, July 26, 2013

This Visiting Mammal Gives Freedom Camping At Tokerau Beach The Seal Of Approval...

It's not often a seal pays a visit to Tokerau Beach so when one does, it's quite an event.
My friend Harvey interviewed and photographed this unusual visitor.
My name's Sydney said the seal and I left home in the Southern Ocean a few weeks ago.
I'd heard about the beauty of New Zealand's Far North and the wonderful fishing here in Doubtless Bay, so I've stopped off for a feed and some freedom camping.
Then I'm off to Melbourne Australia for a nephew's barmitzvah.
Harvey was impressed but personally I don't believe a word Sydney said... 
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  1. Wow, a Jewish seal!!! Now I bet he (or she) was not telling the whole truth.

    1. Yes DD, there's not too many Jewish seals around. Harvey did have trouble understanding what he was saying as Sydney was speaking Yiddish a lot of the time...

  2. I believe his mother was a famous opera singer and his father has a kosher deli in New York.

  3. I love the sound of that "freedom camping." So much better than the US term, "dry camping."

    Fancy little visitor. There are worse neighbors.

    1. I haven't heard the term 'dry camping'.
      And you're right, there are much worse neighbours...

  4. Do you think Sydney took a wrong turn, he looks quite young, hope he finds his way home ...

    1. I believe he's heading home to New York after Melbourne, to see his parents...

  5. From his dapper appearance and his smooth delivery, he falls into the not uncommon category of 'con seal'. We've seen his sort before. Keep an eye on him.

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