Sunday, July 14, 2013

Douglas Engelbart And The Mouse That Roared...

Who would have thought that a little mouse could change the world.
When Douglas Engelbart, who died recently at the age of eighty eight, patented his ingenious little wooden device with its two wheels and three buttons in 1970, he didn't imagine it would be called a mouse and become a user-friendly tool the world would use daily.
But then again, perhaps he did...

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  1. So that is what the first mouse looked like. My first "mouse" was a digitizer that had a puck or mouse attached to it with a cord. Am I giving away my age. We didn't know what a "mouse" was back then. At least the punch card systems went away. They were a pain.

  2. What's really tragic about the amazing things people do - because life has a finite period - is they never get the chance to see the evolution of their creation through to its greatest potential - thank you for informing me about Douglas Engelbart.

  3. Amazing story and how today's 'mouse' began. I agree with Wanda... Pity the inventor didn't see the end result, which I guess will continue to evolve.

  4. I suspect inventors are like seers. They take something from the unseen realm of the image in ation and make it tangeable.. They don ' t see with the same eyes we do. He may have seen it beyond what we ever will.