Saturday, July 27, 2013

Some Of This Year's Top Pictures Of The Day From Twisted Sifter...

Twisted Sifter is another wonderful site
definitely worth a visit.
Each quarter they choose twenty five stunning images from photographers around the world.
Here's some of their selection this year.
There's more to enjoy here.
My favourite is the top one with the two gorgeous Indonesian children sheltering from the rain under a banana leaf...

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  1. Great choices Keith. I like the San Francisco fog - not only the photo but the design of the city, showing the roads interspersed with curving lanes among the trees.

  2. Wow!!! What facinating and beautiful pictures.

  3. Haven't we truly got a sensational and stunning world? Praise be for the talents of gifted photographers and generous blog writers that we get to see these.

  4. What would make these photographs even more interesting would be descriptions of what they are showing. I can provide this only for the next-to-last photo.

    This depicts the indoor or "Roman" pool at William Randolph Hearst's estate outside San Simeon California, commonly known as "Hearst Castle".

    1. You're right about Hearst Castle my friend and if you click on the link you'll see these and other images with descriptions attached...

  5. What amazing photographs, the man in the last photo makes my stomach lurch everytime I look at him, do you thionk there would have been a lifeline?