Monday, July 22, 2013

Teach Nollaig. A Beautiful Humble Tiny Home On Wheels In Ireland's Kilkenny...

Noel Higgins from Ireland's Kilkenny has built a beautiful, humble tiny house on wheels that's a delight to the senses.
It's called Teach Nollaig.
Made from locally sourced materials including raw sheep's wool for insulation, it's one of the few tiny homes on wheels in Ireland.
Noel knows well the secrets to living well on a small income and walks the talk.
Simple living, freedom from debt and reducing living costs all go to making life simpler, happier and stress free.
He's knows that tiny house living is a move away from consumerism and there's less room to accumulate stuff that clutters one's life.
One feature I really like is Noel's simple method of water heating. He's created a wood burning stove made from an empty gas cylinder and wound copper piping around the flue.
Not only does it look good, I'm sure it works wonderfully well.
A fifty watt solar panel charging one twelve volt battery provides power for lighting, his laptop and mobile phone.
Teach Nollaig is a wonderful lesson in keeping things simple...

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  1. These homes are always so interesting......they are portable and so very inexpensive. They can park virtually the states that is not always so easy.


  2. that copper pipe around the flue - is it my memory, or did I see it in the original "Shelter"? all these years, I almost wished for some emergency that would force me to do it - as I remember, You are supposed to fill the pipe with fine sand to keep it round while bending - is that right?

    1. Don't wait for an emergency Alicja, just do it... you possibly did see something similar in Shelter, and yes, I think sand is part of the process...

  3. This is nice , I wish I could build.

  4. sure, I do things all the time - just not that one, yet