Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Kacper Kawalski's Beautiful Aerial Images Of Poland's Forests In Autumn...

Pomerania in northern Poland is famous for its large areas of forests dotted with lakes and meandering rivers. All of which appear even more beautiful when the land is clad in Nature's Autumninal colours.
Using paragliders and geoplanes, architect and photographer Kacper Kawalski has been making magnificent images of this region for years.
You can see more of his work here...

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  1. Nice pictures. They sort of remind me of Fall when I used to live up in the Pennsylvania hills.

  2. my native country; some of those forests were protected, or planted after WW2 to hide the massive russian military bases along the western border

  3. What incredible photography... The angles the photos are taken at is amazing... And beautiful scenery to start with.

  4. Licorice Allsort, I can't say it any better than you except to agree!