Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Hitching Your Tiny Home To A Bicycle...

A bit like hitching your wagon to a star really.
It's also like taking a dream and, if you're fit enough, making it happen.
Take a simple concept and keep it that way.
A fun way of living and going further for less.
The reality is that it wouldn't be that easy to ride a bicycle towing a little home but, it is possible.
Anything is...

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  1. A lot cheaper to run than my motor-home.

  2. The last picture is from burning man.

    1. You're right Joe, it's Washington based Paul Elkins from the blog High Mileage Trikes and More at Burning Man a couple of years ago...

  3. There are worse ways to live. Cool little rigs.

  4. The first one has a certain charm but I prefer the second with the big wheels. I may yet come to that - but actually I think my tent weighs less.

  5. Take away 40 nay 30 years and that's me boi!