Thursday, July 25, 2013

A Delightful Floating Umbrella Art Installation Brings Joy To Portugal's City Of Agueda...

Once again the art festival Agitagueda held in the shopping streets of Agueda in Portugal is bringing delight and joy to the visitors and residents of that city with an art installation designed by Studio Ivotavares that has hundreds of coloured umbrellas floating somehow magically in the air.
These gaily coloured floating umbrellas are nothing like an umbrella a bank manager might lend you when the sun is shining and who'll ask for it back when it rains...

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  1. Beautiful! I have seen similar ideas in France on a couple of occasions and on smaller scale. Some community still seem to care abour beautifying (is that a proper word?)their environments. Here is some part of England, a council has had removed basket flower displays from a bridge recently, because "they might fall on the heads of canoeists below..." I fervently hope the Portuguese people wont worry about H&S too much and continue beautiful displays like that. Could do with many more in England too.

  2. Gorgeous, and a festival I wouldn't have known about otherwise. Thanks!

  3. Hi, I am a Hong Konger. We are having our "umbrella revolution" to strike for democracy against China's control. Can I use one of your beautiful umbrella picture in my poster and websites as to support our people? Thanks a lot. (I won't use it unless I get your approval) :)

    1. Jessica as far as I'm aware the photo is in the public domain... I'm careful not to use anyone else's images for commercial gain and I'm sure you will be too... I would think the photographer would be delighted as I am that you would use it...
      Good luck with your 'revolution' Jessica. You and your friends are doing a good thing for the world in general and your world in particular.
      All power to you!
      I'm glad you found this blog...