Thursday, July 11, 2013

What Happened Next...

Mabel would never find out.
She was away with the fairies, dreaming of her much anticipated trip of a lifetime on a luxury cruise ship. Of the men she'd meet who'd wine dine and dance her off her feet.
If she'd survived the sudden explosion and shock she may have thought she had as many lives as her constant companion and bed warmer of many years, but who now was so instrumental in her never being able to finish her lovely cup of tea...
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  1. RIP Mabel - it could happen to me!

  2. I think after the loud bang there will be a fast trip to the toilet that's for mabel not the cat

  3. Cat lover here! Have never left a balloon unattended but have woken up from deep sleep in the middle of the night to the loud crash of my nightstand lamp being flung to the foor with a glass of water and a couple books! Yes the Perils of Pet Lovers!
    I'm a pet survivor.

  4. The one joy of being an insomniac - I am awake longer than the cat who owns me.