Friday, July 5, 2013

Throwing A Stick For Your Dog To Fetch Is Dangerous...

Throwing a stick for your dog to fetch is dangerous and should be banned says The New Zealand Veterinary Association and Kennel Club. And their stance is supported by their colleagues in Australia and the UK.
Well, I'm inclined to agree with them. Many's the time I've put my shoulder out throwing a stick as far as I could. It can be a dangerous and painful business if you don't adopt the right stance.
Flippancy aside, the vets say dogs might injure themselves on these often sharp sticks. Never mind they've been chasing sticks since forever.
Fortunately in this world gone mad there are many who would protect us from ourselves.
Here's just a few.
Riding a bicycle is dangerous says the world's car manufacturers. Jumping out of a plane without a parachute is dangerous says the parachute manufacturers. It's dangerous to drive blindfolded or with your eyes shut say the Automobile Associations. Going out in the sun without protection is life threatening say sunblock manufacturers.
Apples are bad for your health say Samsung.
And so it goes. Take a simple thing like breathing which we take for granted.
It's very dangerous to stop breathing so don't even try it say health authorities.
The world is a dangerous place and even blogging is not exempt from serious injury.
It was only this morning that I fell off my barstool while writing this...
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  1. Get a four legged stool, darling! You're such an adrenalin junkie!

  2. I've given myself an injury crocheting and another one reading!
    Also one making a cup of tea.

  3. That's right folks: life is bad for your health and only ever ends in death. Wrap yourselves up in cotton wool, do nothing interesting or challenging, and then suck on the teat of ignorance while you wait to fill a coffin.

  4. It's dangerous to listen to too many experts.

  5. Hope you didn't injure yourself in that life threatening fall. You could write a series of books listing all the dangers of life! Probably fill a library.

    1. Maybe not you could sue the floor for getting in the way?

  6. Being born is dangerous. All that light!

  7. Your mother was wonderful. Was it the sherry. I thought she fell off her barstool...

  8. The scary part is the people that believe the experts lol.

  9. If I was unfeeling I could say she fell off her perch.

  10. Just my penny's worth.. I have to say I had a dog, a springer spaniel who got badly injured by a stick, running back to me with the stick straight in his mouth (a bit like a cigar) he tripped and the stick tore his tongue and damaged his throat. I have never thown a stick for a dog since. Otherwise I agree wholeheartedly with all the non-sense about everything being bad for us and generally don't pay a blind bit of notice!