Monday, August 17, 2015

The WalkCar. Something The World Really Needs...

We've had roller skates. Remember the first ones that were attached to your shoes with straps. And then the more advanced version that were attached to boots called roller blades. Then there were inline skates, various Segways, electric bikes and scooters, skateboards and now, looking more like a laptop on wheels,
we have the WalkCar.
Apple will probably produce one called iwalk.
It's a tiny platform that you stand on, you turn it by simply transferring your weight from one side to the other and if you weigh less than 265lbs it might transport you, if you're lucky, 7.4 miles at 6mph. At a cost of around $800.
Remember good old fashioned walking...


  1. Seems like just another gadget you don't need that someone is trying to make money with.

  2. Walking Keith? What you thinking of man. Got to have wheels! Any wheels. Until such time we get hover chairs that is. Then we won't need legs at all!

    1. Hover Chairs! Great thinking Joel...

    2. I saw a guy going down the sidewalk on roller blades yesterday, I can't remember the last time I saw roller blades!

  3. Actually the pedal bike is the most interesting to me. As it's the most efficient mode of human transport.

  4. I think that if I'd try such a device I'd break my leg and be unable to walk. Then I'd have to learn how to use it.