Saturday, August 29, 2015

The Good News Is A Giant Asteroid Will Not Hit Planet Earth Next Week...

NASA has denied viral internet claims that an asteroid will crash into Earth next week.
The predictions were first made by biblical theorists who claimed a space rock will wipe out parts of North and South America
some time next month.
NASA's Paul Chodas, manager of the space agency in Pasadena California especially contacted The Flying Tortoise to allay fears and say there's no scientific basis let alone any shred of evidence that an asteroid or any other celestial will destroy parts of our planet
in September.
He didn't mention October though...


  1. In October, one has its sights on New Zealand, but then again, their aim ain't too good and maybe will miss everything and everybody (grin) Just kidding, guess I better re-read my Astronomy magazine to see if I missed it.

  2. Never mind hey! There is always another date for the end of the world! And another one.... And another one...!

  3. What? Huh? Dang. Forgot to panic.

  4. Could be Sept 23 pacific time USA. Love everybody✌❤ .