Saturday, August 8, 2015

Toronto's Tapas Style Bar Raval Is An Artpiece In Wood And A Wonderful Tribute To Spanish Art Nouveau Design...

Wood, wood, glorious wood appearing that it's been formed from a liquid source is the predominate and beautiful feature in this Tapas styled bar in Canada's downtown Toronto. Celebrated Canadian chef Grant van Gameren and Mixologists Mike Webster and Robin Goodfellow wished to introduce Toronto's residents to the Pintxo Bar, which in Basque Country is a cornerstone of social and gastronomic culture. 
And to create an interactive art piece that would become an enduring Toronto institution.
Raval, conceived by the Partisans Design Group could well do that as it invites its clientele to enjoy an intimate relationship with the beautiful environment that honours the spirit of it's Spanish Pintxo counterparts...

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  1. Well ya know wood *does* come from a liquid source. Just try growing a tree where there's no water.