Thursday, August 13, 2015

Jay Nelson's Very Cute, Very Tiny, Copper Clad Suzuki Camper...

Camper Vans don't get much smaller or more cute than this copper clad over ply custom built 4WD Suzuki camper.
The delightfully quirky little 'bed on wheels' is another from the imaginative mind of Jay Nelson, featured here and seen on Lloyd's Blog recently.
Those who know Lloyd's books published by Shelter Publications on living in small spaces will be familiar with Jay's work and also Foster Huntington whose Suzuki SJ 410 the tiny structure sits on.
If you can dream it you can do it...


  1. Six feet is too short. I'd have to sleep flat on my back with my feet sticking up - not comfortable!. Otherwise it's a nice design - the copper's bound to be good waterproofing and will get a nice verdigris finish in time. But seven feet is my minimum.


  2. Looks like it will be prime theft for the copper too. Although too short for me too, I really like it.

  3. Hope this cutie has good insulation since any kind of metal would be cold when it's cold and hot when it's hot. Otherwise, the owner is limited to using such a lovely design just for storage.

  4. I have thought about building something similar for my 88 Sami. Thanks for posting.

    1. Hello Sam,I have building something like you want , a slide camper for my SJ413.
      Give me your mail, and I'll send you some pictures