Friday, August 7, 2015

Dewayne Flowers Paints And Photographs Naked Bodies. Beautifully...

Born and raised in Georgia, Dewayne Flowers recently moved to San Diego California.
He became interested in bodypainting when he was seventeen and found that easier than making photographic images of his art, so, he taught himself the considerable skills
he displays today.
Dewayne Flowers body art is simply beautiful.
As are his photographs...


  1. Where were these people on high school career day? I may have chosen a different profession.

  2. I agree with Sixbears. I guess I have been in the wrong profession. . .

  3. This art include several elements - unfolding art in photography, looking at and touching beautiful bodies.
    A famous Danish musician, Bent Fabricius Bjerre, made this saying when he celebrated his birthday earlier this year (90 years) - it's never too late to start on something new. So Sixbears and Dizzy-Dick - go for it! As Keith have told you now and then: If you can dream it, you can don it.

  4. Beautiful. I wonder if it's cheaper than buying clothes... Might be a bit cold though!

  5. Painting everything with style and flair and passion is so worth the effort. Think we all get caught in the mundane solid color patterns of functionality. Love this artists skill.

  6. Fabulous. I bet I could start a whole art school based on this. Soon there will be body painting studios everywhere, just as there are tattoo parlors all over the place.