Friday, August 21, 2015

Dugald Semple. Scottish Philosopher, Early Freedom Camper, Gypsy And A Man Who Lived Simply...

One of my favourite blogs, Paleotool's, recently featured a story on Dugald Semple, a Scottish Henry David Thoreau type character.
Dugald was a philosopher, an early freedom camper, a gypsy and an advocate of simple living. He lived though with a lot more style than Thoreau, marrying a wealthy woman and not, like Henry David, taking his laundry home for his mother to do. But I digress...


  1. Dugald seemed to know how to really live.

  2. I like that one horse can pull the wagon (is that a Clydesdale?). Some of the bigger wagons I've fantasized about I'm afraid would probably need four. Four horsepower is an awfully big motor when you're using actual horses.