Monday, August 3, 2015

The Strange And Poignant Tale Of The Red Chairs Abandoned In A Polish Forest In 1939...

There's a beautiful and poignant story doing the rounds about these little red chairs being set out for a wedding in a Polish forest way back in 1939. The German invasion troops caused the wedding to be abruptly abandoned and the chairs were found many years later with trees growing through them. Each and every year the chairs are lovingly repainted. So the story goes.
In reality, they are images in the wonderful portfolio of conceptual artist, sculptor and photographer Patrick Demazeau whose work often includes the juxtaposition of furniture and nature. The trees spend their lives standing and are perhaps offering seats to the walkers, wanderers and dreamers who might pass.
But one should never let the facts get in the way
of a good story...


  1. And to think all I've got to look at around here are trees growing up through old pickup trucks.

  2. That last one suggests a confab with Igdrasil, the tree of life.

  3. The red chairs did not quite work for me! Too much of a coincidence that a tree should grow in each one of them at such regular intervals! Love pictures of old cars and such all rusty and being overgrown by nature.

  4. My story when I created this Art Nature work in Belgium

    A music stand, a music score, an orchestra playing Vivaldi's Four Seasons, for one year. The orchestra, made up with "sitting" trees in chairs, plays this concerto. The music stand, resting on a platform,is leading this orchestra. The notes in the score are symbolized by a vegetal writing made of branches,leaves, flowers and acorns. The whole thing was settled in a glade.
    The orchestra is performing Vivaldi's Four Seasons during a whole year. Nature gives the tempo, and the trees play the score. The relation between the trees and the score comes out in quite a natural way. When it rains or snows,the trees and the score will be equally covered with rain (or snow). Twenty-five chairs host trees, and there is only one empty chair left, inviting any human being to join this orchestra.
    Patrick Demazeau dit made – Gesves- Belgium- may 2000