Sunday, August 30, 2015

Ever Wonder Why Some Pharmaceuticals Are So Very Expensive...

These extravagant interiors with their fully carved wood corridors, gold foil inlays, crystal chandelier and massive marble columns are part of the offices of the state owned Harbin Pharmaceutical Group in China's Heilongjiang Provence.
Said to be built on the pain of millions of suffering patients, it's a distasteful reminder of why the Chinese people can't afford to go to the doctor for prescription medicines.
A bitter pill to swallow...


  1. That sounds very reminiscent of the situation in the United States: except that whereas in China the government owns the pharmaceutical corporation, in the USA it's the other way about.

    The interior of the building looks like a giant Mah Jong parlor - tacky, like Macau. Maybe the vulgarity of gross overconsumption and the exploitation of human suffering go hand-in-hand, and can be seen, or guessed at, in the artifacts humans produce.


  2. Are you sure that ain't the inside of the Flying Tortoise??

  3. I like this post Keith. China has always had a huge gap between those that have & those that have not.
    Pharmaceuticals - who needs them except in extreme circumstances. I protest by not buying in pharmacies or off supermarket shelves.