Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Young Aldo Lavaggi Shares His Thoughts On Living In A Tiny House On Wheels...

Aldo Lavaggi is a young man on a mission.
To simplify his life.
It's not that he's had a lot of life experience on which to base his ideas but we all have to start somewhere and where better than with small.
A tiny house says Aldo, is not some silver bullet, like all of a sudden your life gets great…
It makes some things easier, and it makes some things harder, and the two are really intertwined. There's more according to Aldo here but it appears the young man is off to a great start.
If you can dream it, you can do it...


  1. He's right. Some things are easier and some things are harder. It's good to be aware and make choices.

  2. What a lovely little space. He's got far too many pots, unless he's a chef that is... But I do love his chair... And I would want my own shower. No pics of his sleeping loft? He's certainly made a great start.