Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Nature Reclaims An Abandoned Fishing Village In China...

The Shengsi Archipelago consists
of nearly four hundred islands, only eighteen of which are inhabited.
It's a subtropical region with beautiful beaches, reefs and hills that reach all the way to the sky.
The fisherfolk on the island of Shengshan abandoned their homes to live on the mainland where their fishing catches could be more easily transported and sold at market.
These gorgeous images by photographer Jane Qing show how the islands homes and roads have slowly been reclaimed.
Beautifully, by nature...

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  1. I love it. When humans disappear from this earth, it will be quickly reclaimed by plant, animal, and insect life, especially plant life. I watched an abandoned cement road revert back. It took awhile, but she would find cracks to send plants up through and the roots would slowly raise, crack, and brake off the cement turning it into rocks.