Friday, August 14, 2015

Cutlery For Weight Watchers...

A way to lose weight is now in your hands. Here's the ideal cutlery for those who wish to lose weight and don't want to handle the painful experience of eating...


  1. You know, I think that would work!!

  2. I've a neighbor to whom I'd like to give a set of such cutlery. Just before last Mother's Day, she surreptitiously snipped the unopened rosebuds off my elderly mother's rose bushes, thus destroying them. These implements ought to serve her as a fitting reminder of those rose bushes.


    1. How cruel is that? I can't even imagine...yes, these would definitely get the message across. Hopefully your mother got some new bushes!

    2. She'll do it again, given half a chance. We've managed to revive the rose bushes with copious watering; there's good reason to think she also poisoned them, along with other flowering plants. Unfortunately, she has ready access to the same back yard, so it's very difficult to protect them.